Sunday, April 13, 2008


It was nice to be at church today. In Gospel Doctrine we discussed the book of Enos and the trials that he went through and how he was refined. And in Relief Society we had a lesson out of the Joseph Smith manual about baptism - it's purpose, it's promises, and other things. We also discussed how the gospel has always been the same throughout all time. It was a good lesson.

After church we went up to see Daniel at Children's Hospital. Daniel is a living example of a miracle... a healing miracle. And looking back and seeing just how many people have prayed on his behalf (including myriads of complete strangers), it is no surprise to see how well he is doing. My heart has been so humbled by this experience. He is an amazing little boy.

One month ago, he faced two brain surgeries and there was uncertainty as to whether or not he would even live. And there was a real possibility that if he did live, he might have severe disabilities. No one knew what his cognitive or physical functioning would be. To say he beat the odds is a gross understatement.

Daniel is now able to move his affected side (the right side) and he is able to walk and talk. Granted, his skills in these areas are rudimentary and he has a long, long way to go on his road to recovery and rehabilitation. But he is walking and talking. His brain function (cognitively speaking) appears completely normal. He can make his needs known. He laughs and he smiles... a most infectious smile. When we walked into his room this afternoon, his eyes lit up like nothing I've ever seen... they must've gotten three times their normal size! He smiled so big and threw his arm out to hug us. It felt so good to be in his presence.

When we got there, a volunteer had arrived to play cards with him. He beat her fair and square and two games of Go Fish. Mike told him that we brought Alvin and the Chipmunks for him to watch and he got very excited. So we all watched that together until Ethan and Evan got antsy. Then I took them to play in the hospital's playroom and outside in the play area. I got a little emotional while we were down there. On the one hand, it's wonderful that they have that area for the children. But on the other hand, it broke my heart that it was even needed. And then the sweetest little girl showed up with her family. She was obviously a patient and her name was Savannah. She acted like she was about 5 years old, but she was the size of a 3 year old. She had on pretty pajamas but they didn't hide the scar that went down the entire length of her chest. Nor did they hide her EKG leads or the heplock in her hand. Her parents were there and my heart just ached for them. I cannot imagine that happening to one of my sweet children. I cannot imagine the anguish they must experience over her health. I found myself silently thanking the Lord for healthy children... and silently praying that they would remain healthy. I felt selfish praying for such a thing. But I just don't know that I could handle going through it with one of my own. I feel so selfish and wimpy for saying that.

Here are some pictures from our day with Daniel. We are so proud of him!

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