Friday, April 4, 2008

My walking infomercial

I've decided what Ethan is going to be when he grows up... an infomercial host! Here is the conversation we had today as I was applying a facial mask:

Ethan: Is that your refining mask you're putting on?

(I quickly look at the jar to see if it actually says "refining" on it... it doesn't. Hmmm...)

Me: Yep

E: Why do you have to put a refining mask on?

M: Well, I'm trying to make my face look better.

E: You mean you're trying to get rid of those pimples?

M: Yep.

E: Well, there's this Proactiv solution and they have a better refining mask. You should get that.

M: Oh really?

E: Uh huh. And if you call now, they'll double your order for no extra charge!

And with that he walked off... he REALLY CRACKS me up!!!

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