Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tulips In Bloom

We took a trip up to Skagit County today to see the tulips in bloom. I've lived in Washington for ten years and each year I swear I'm going to get up there to see the tulips but I never made it... until today! We had AJ with us this weekend so he went along. Here are the kids in the car, all ready for the drive up north!

On the way up, we stopped off at Dick's Burger in Seattle. They have the YUMMIEST burgers!

We stopped at a little place in Conway that had maps to the tulip fields. They had a couple of cool, old trucks that Ethan wanted to pose in front of:

Then we headed up to the fields, which weren't that far away. The colors of the tulips in the fields were astounding. They were so bright and vibrant and bold and beautiful. Row upon row of pinks, variegated pinks, purple, red, white and others.

There was also a huge field of daffodils. The brightness of the yellow hues, even on an overcast and drizzly day were amazing.

Personally, this is my favorite shot of the day:

After seeing the tulips, we headed over to an art gallery to see some art done by local artists. They had a little kids table with artsy stuff on it. Quite honestly, we're not big art gallery fans. I mistakenly assumed that this place was more for kids than anything else. In fact, it was filled with very pricey original pieces by local artists. But the kids sat down and made their little art projects at the table. Even Mike got into the fun!

Here's the cool card that Mike made:

Next we headed over to a place called (I think) the Berry Barn. They sell all kinds of trinkets there but we stopped for fresh pie. We picked up a peach pie. I had a slice tonight... delish! They also had ice cream and the price was really good. I was shocked to see that they had spumoni... mmm, mmm, good! When we were done there, we drove a little ways down the road into La Conner... what a quaint little town! They have the most beautiful wooded park there that overlooks the bridge that connects the two sides of La Conner.

After that we hit a cheap steak joint for dinner. I think it was called "Knives and Forks" and it was up in Mt. Vernon. We were thoroughly disappointed! The food was not good at all and the service was questionable at best. But oh well, no biggie. After dinner and on the way home, we stopped at the new, huge outlet mall. I think it's in Burlington. I was just excited to visit the Le Creuset store and it did not disappoint! Other than that, we were really weren't impressed with the mall. We felt like everything there still cost a mint. I mean come on, a regular cotton t-shirt for $14 and up to over $20. There was lots like that. Then we headed home. I slept most of the way since I worked last night. We had a lot of fun and I'm super glad we did it!!

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