Tuesday, April 1, 2008

More baseball

We went over to the school yard at Twin Lakes Elementary to practice baseball more. Poor Evan... bless his heart... he only wants to bat. He is simply not interested in any other position on the field. Ethan wants to bat as well. I actually didn't go at first. But then Mike called me up and begged me to come over to the field because Evan had heaped himself into a pathetic ball of tears and sadness when Mike tried to take a turn with Ethan. So off I went, camera in tow of course. We got some very cute shots over in the school yard. It was dusk and so beautiful and gorgeous out. Such a contrast to the snow we had just days ago. I hope this means that spring is finally on her way in! It's still pretty cold, but hopefully the sun will coax the warmer temperatures to come along and play!

Evan got hurt:

But have no fear, dad is here:

I was thrilled to capture this particular look on Ethan's face. This is the exact look he gives when he's being his usual, comical, funny self and he's saying little things to try and get our attention. Right now, his comedy acts typically involve discussion of bodily functions. What can I say? He's a boy and he's 6... and he really is funny!

And can you not see the sheer joy that Evan finds in playing baseball with his dad? It's written all over his face!!

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