Friday, April 25, 2008

Scripture Study - 04/25/08

Today we read from 1 Nephi 2:5-11. We discussed how Lehi and his family departed into the wilderness and traveled for three days until they reached the shore of the Red Sea. We looked on the globe to see the distance between Israel and the Red Sea. Ethan was amazed that they had walked the entire way.

We talked about how Lehi named the river and the valley after his sons because they murmured. We discussed what it means to murmur. As Ethan says, it means to "whine and complain". Then of course he drew a picture about the things we discussed. Before he started, he said, "Wait, I need to see the map before I draw my picture!"

He drew an awesome picture of Israel and the dashes down to the Red Sea to denote the path they traveled. He also drew their campsite with bushes, tents, and other belongings. For some reason, my scanner is acting up and will not scan the entire picture, so I can't upload it unless I take a picture of it and do it that way. I may later, but not now. For now, I'll put it into our scripture study notebook that we are keeping. Ethan is a very creative artist!

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